My kid’s first time to fly ABROAD! 

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Welcome to my first blog post over here!

I am Karel Fariñas, an ordinary 30 year old wife and a mother of two, who loves to try all things exciting and new. I am a hands on homemaker, artist and entrepreneur, but let’s not go too far yet. You’ll get to know more of me anyway through my posts. Cheers to that!

I won’t make it long, but I can try to make it as entertaining as possible for you.

Here I am posting a trip from last September 1 – 5, 2016, when my husband and I took the kids out of the country for the first time! It was my husband’s birthday on the 6th as well, so we definitely hit two birds with one stone by having an amazing family vacation.

Let’s get started, shall we?


What a joy to finally bring our kids out of the country for the first time!

Here we go!


Touchdown, Hong Kong!

Settling over here!


‘Sup, HK? How, YOU doin’?

They’ve adjusted well…


Showing our children the best mode of transportation in Hong Kong… The MTR!

It’s just very convenient and efficient around the hustle and bustle that is HK!


Around September 2016, the game ‘Pokemon Go’ was still so in.

We caught so much of those. Well, it was fun while it lasted. Haha!


Mommy bought daddy his new set of clubs!

Did you know that it’s cheaper here than when buying golf stuff in Manila?


The colorful concrete jungle of Hong Kong.



I took a photo of this on our first night in Hong Kong.

I personally loved the cityscape view.


For this trip, we wanted our kids to experience Hong Kong in a number of ways. Aside from the delicious food, and emerging themselves in a different culture, we, of course, brought them to the happiest place on Earth, Disneyland and Ocean Park Hong Kong.


Taking our kids here made us parents even happier, too!

The smile on their faces and the joy in their eyes was all that mattered to me.


It was definitely magical.


By night, we also met up with a couple of our friends!

Good times.


Another day. Good morning!


We love taking bubble baths every time we go to different places around the world.


Shopping and food trip in HK? You’ll surely enjoy it too.

Here’s a photo of us by Harbour City, just before shopping!


Another view of Hong Kong.

YAY! Do know where we are going now?


Why hello, Ocean Park!


I mentioned on my quick profile that I am a thrill seeker. I honestly found this ride so boring… By the way, this is kind of off topic but I won’t forget the day when I turned thirteen years old. Don’t worry, you’ll see why I recalled it today.  I rode the Space Shuttle in Enchanted Kingdom thirteen times straight with no long lines. I remember wanting to finish it so bad, and I did! That’s how I crave for roller coaster rides, drops, and all kinds of extremes.

Can you spot me? Hands up, looking at the camera and all.






It’s nice to see different types of animals over here. You won’t just enjoy the rides, but you’ll also be able to make your children learn so many things about nature, animals, and science.



Thanks, daddy, for winning a huge stuffed car for the kids! What a day!


As I was recording, Ocean Park recorded us as well, and we were seen on the big screen.

SHY MODE! Hahaha!


Before going back to Manila, we spotted a cute mascot at the Hong Kong International Airport. She wanted to take a photo. SO. CUTE.


My husband and I have been here numerous times, but it still happens to be one of our favorite Asian spots in the globe because of the stunning city lights and shopping areas.


   I am ending my long over due post (as this trip was last September 1-5, 2016) with another trip that’s next on the blog. My husband and I are going to Hong Kong TOMORROW once again after five months, this time, with his very good friends and their wives/girl friends. I’ll definitely keep you posted about our food experiences, and share another perspective when enjoying a Hong Kong trip, this time with friends. I hope you enjoyed scrolling through my first blog post, and liked seeing our photos from this previous trip. I’ll be going to Cebu, Singapore, and Boracay again too, all in a span of 20 days, so I’ll be quite busy. I am excited to share more of my life and random trips with you.

  If you have any suggestions on what I should talk about, feel free to contact me! 🙂


Clearly, my son just did NOT want to go home. It was that enjoyable for us all. Hahaha!

HAPPY WEEKEND, everyone!

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