Coffee Jelly Savior That Helped Me Slim Down During Vacay For Weeks!

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 I just said I was doomed when I found out that I would be on a vacation from February 18th until March 5th 2017 at three places, starting with our Hong Kong food trip, Singapore food trip, then straight to Boracay with more amazing food trip, without even having to prepare for a “beach bod”. Oh what luck.

 Honestly, I prefer to have a balanced lifestyle and always stay on the more optimistic side of things, but that got me a little worried because I could have gained so much unnecessary weight during my 16 day trip. I’m also not the type to worry so much on how other people would think about me, because that is just how I am. If I improve on and set some goals for myself, it is because I want to, for who? Again, myself. I may not have the most fit body because you have to work hard for it by exercising, one that your body needs, to achieve what you want to achieve. With the right food and lifestyle, I am positive we can have that. I just want to share with you something that made me maintain my body and weight while I was on vacation, and sharing is caring, right?

A delicious cup off coffee and jelly saved me.

Hell yeah! How?

 It is a dream to wake up to taste good coffee in the morning, however, just any cup o’ Joe won’t do because some brands will not satisfy your taste buds or energize the soul. AM-Fit Slimming Coffee is the solution you have been waiting for so long. The special blend of ingredients will boost your energy level, keeping your metabolism quicker as well.

 Just one sachet of AM-Fit Slimming Coffee with your cup of hot water will provide you an invigorating boost of flavor. The sachet offers the perfect amount of coffee mix to achieve the right brew every time. It’s the perfect solution for your hunger cravings, but should not be substituted for food. This brand is designed for early morning use with ingredients that are capable of boosting mood and focus as well. You can also enjoy it with your breakfast every morning to empower you to take on the day,


  • African Mango
  • Garcinia Cambogia
  • Green Tea
  • Stevia Extract

Now let’s move to the delicious jelly I’ve been taking before dinner…

  Algicleanz Slimming Jelly is one of the most revolutionary healthy weight management products in the market today. It contains GARCINIA CAMBOGIA, combined with a superior array of powerful natural ingredients to help cleanse the body, maintain good health and achieve your ideal weight. This powerful combo unleashes a synergistic effect, clinically proven to flush out destructive toxins, increase metabolism, rapidly burns and blocks off fat, promotes healthy weight, tones and sculpts the body, manages stress without harming your immune system. Plus, weight management never tasted this good! It’s the first and only Garcinia Cambogia in jelly form with a delightful fruity grape flavor.


Derived from Brown Algae, rich in dietary fiber thatinitiates peristalsis or intestinal
movement for safe detoxification and digestive wellness.

GREEN TEA              
Nature’s most potent natural cleansing booster loaded with antioxidants called catechins,
and bioactive compounds that Inhibits fat absorption and helps regulate metabolism.

COIX SEED              
Helps the body get rid of harmful toxins and excess water by accelerating the kidney’s
detoxification of the blood.

VITAMIN C              
Supports bodily functions for efficient discharge of unwanted toxins and damaging free radicals.


Also known as Malabar Tamarind, widely known for its HCA (Hydroxycitric Acid) which
promotessafe and speedy weight management: Suppresses appetite, reduces
cravings and inhibits conversion of carbohydrates into fats.

L- CARNITINE              
Responsible for channelling excess fats from the blood into the cell for use as energy.

Take 1 sachet of AlgiCleanz Slimming Jelly 30 minutes before dinner and drink two glasses of water right after taking the jelly.
Consume at least 1.2 liters of water throughout the entire day. There are 10 sachets in 1 box. Although you can see some weight loss and detoxification. Immediately, Nature’s Powerful Ingredients Start Destroying Toxins. Within 24 hours Toxin Will Start to Leave Your Body. Everybody and EVERY SINGLE BODY IS DEFFERENT. Do not expect the exact same results with another person because you may have a slower/faster metabolism too begun with, you may be heavier/lighter, you may have never tried to eat healthy or exercise during the whole process, whilst the other still ate and binged all day. Again, results may vary. If you really want to lose that weight and cleanse your body the safe and natural way instead of using all these pills and scary slimming products, you also have to help yourself by eating healthier and sweat it out a bit.

Who Needs it:

  • Those who are constipated.
  • Overweight people.
  • Low Immunity.


  • Fights free radicals and toxins through cleansing.
  • Suppresses appetite & reduces cravings.
  • Efficient way to achieve ideal weight.
  • Helps the body to reduce toxins by proper detoxification

1 box (10 sachets) of AlgicCleanz Slimming Jelly is 1,580php
1 pack of AM-Fit Slimming Coffee is 270php
For determined men and women who want to purchase bulk orders, just message 0916-708-7974 through Viber, Whatsapp, or just a plain text message, and my assistant Ebby will answer your inquiries (NO CALLS). Please bear with us as we have at least 50 people ordering daily, and the number of inquiries are a lot for one hotline or so through our ads, so kindly bear with us and we shall read and reply to your messages.

One more day until…

Who wants to stay slim and still enjoy your weekend?


Credits (All details about the products are researched and shared by Gfoxx Int’l and through the box information of each product. Thank you)

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