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I surprised Sean with top tickets to watch Guns & Roses live in Singapore last February 2017 because I remember so well while having a random date over beer, he kept mentioning about the band having a concert in Singapore, and said that he was a really huge fan. I’ll have to admit. I do love ’em, and know that they’re rock legends (I know about 4 songs so maybe that isn’t bad at all, hahaha!), though I wasn’t really a legit G&R babe.

Being the fiancé that I was, I checked my phone and looked it up online until I actually booked us concert tickets and round trip flights to Singapore right then and there, while we were having drinks with a friend. It’s not all the time that I get to spend for my husband, right?

Okay, fine. I enjoy spoiling my kids and husband JUST A LITTLE.

Before our trip, I had the worst sore throat and didn’t get to sing a tune, but that didn’t stop me from enjoying our stay, and lip syncing to SWEET CHILD OF MINE.
Fast forward to a few months, we experienced one of the best trips in Asia! Aside from the concert, we also met up with our Filipino friends and went to some spots that we haven’t been to yet since we’re always in Singapore either for work or quick weekend getaways.

Here’s some snaps of what we did and where we went to last month in Singapore!

FullSizeRender 64
We are heeeeere once again!
One of the most convenient (and newest!) hotels in the area, JW Marriott South Beach, Singapore! They officially opened last December 2016 and their service is off the hook.


FullSizeRender 72
What a sweet gesture from the GM. The strawberries were huge and the chocolate under it (well aside from the cute chocolate bear) was so gooooood. It wasn’t like those overly sweet desserts – it was a perfect welcome gesture, indeed.
FullSizeRender 12
Going around town, not knowing where to go is how I like it sometimes. We got to meet a lot of Filipino vendors here as well and had a really good first night.

FullSizeRender 5

FullSizeRender 26

FullSizeRender 16

FullSizeRender 23
Karel: Sean! Can you do a blogger pose?
FullSizeRender 40
First order of business.


FullSizeRender 20


Walking around our first night and had our first meal by one of the side street restos.



We went to Mustafa Centre also during our trip because of the CHEAP perfume and other goodies. L.O.L.

Might as well explore…

FullSizeRender 7

FullSizeRender 9

I would die to get their street Nescafe (coffee) Shakes and Milo Dinosaurs in Singapore. So basic yet so good – and cheap! I’m craving for it as I type. Of all drinks. Haha!
Karel: Blogger shot please! Hahaha! We were shopping for gadgets at Lucky Plaza here.
FullSizeRender 73
My fave appetizer at JUMBO restaurant! Baby Squid.


FullSizeRender 31
Something warm on the side…
FullSizeRender 35
Lobster and cheese? YASSS.
FullSizeRender 58
My favorite anywhere in Singapore… Chilli Crabs with fried buns.
FullSizeRender 69
Met friends over dinner at JUMBO.

We went to Holland Village as well, a nice place to have some drinks with friends if you want go somewhere else, aside from the good ‘ol popular Clark Quay.

FullSizeRender 56

FullSizeRender 70
Loving the vibe here at Holland Village.

FullSizeRender 60FullSizeRender 57FullSizeRender 65

Holland Village.

FullSizeRender 24
Walking around town.
Now in China Town!


This dish? WORTH IT. Don’t forget to order this particular dish at Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice & Noodle in Singapore.


Get the Soya Chicken & Noodle!


FullSizeRender 18

FullSizeRender 6
Explore with me.
FullSizeRender 22


FullSizeRender 10
One of the bars at the lobby of JW Marriott. You’ll love their modern twist architecture.
Our room at night.
FullSizeRender 34
Water… too hot! LMAO.
Are you ready for another day?


FullSizeRender 3

Immerse yourself in nature.

FullSizeRender 4FullSizeRender 41FullSizeRender 32

FullSizeRender 5

FullSizeRender 27

FullSizeRender 28
Set me free.
FullSizeRender 25
Went to a random Japanese restaurant by the harbour. Pretty good.

FullSizeRender 44

FullSizeRender 45
Marimar vibe.
We love the cocktail hour at JW Marriott South Beach. Unlimited drinks (like champagne and wine) with delicious afternoon delights.
I must remember that hole in the wall place where I ordered this Beef Truffle Rice Bowl. I’m definitely making this again at home! YUM.


See through me…
Captured a big part of beautiful Singapore at night.


FullSizeRender 63
Off to see G&R

FullSizeRender 59IMG_0315

FullSizeRender 71IMG_0319

Ready to rock.

FullSizeRender 78

FullSizeRender 61
FullSizeRender 75
Know that despite your flaws, my love for you is unconditional.
FullSizeRender 79
I hope you enjoyed as much as I enjoyed seeing you happy.
FullSizeRender 66
A couple in the crowd dressed as G&R were game for a photo

FullSizeRender 67

FullSizeRender 74
I can be a hard rocker. CHAR. Let me admit something. The fans didn’t like the Singapore gig of G&R but they loved G&R’s performance! Even us Pen A ticket holders had wristbands that you could top up for food and drinks and we didn’t get to spend it all or get our refund because of the organizer’s shortcomings. Regardless, we just left right after the concert and had a really good midnight snack, para makabawi (to make up for it.).
FullSizeRender 48
Tiger Tower on a cool night in SG…
FullSizeRender 37
More snaps from my camera.
FullSizeRender 46
Bikers hahaha oops!

FullSizeRender 47FullSizeRender 50IMG_0809IMG_0600


Gardens By The Bay first timers. Honestly, I wouldn’t come back for it but seeing it finally  made me happy. I enjoyed the vibrant picture-worthy spots.

FullSizeRender 53
Day off! Ready for some flowers… Haha!
Gardens By The Bay. Pose.
I can’t touch it so I’ll just pretend to reach for it…
FullSizeRender 21
Color me bad.


FullSizeRender 30
Stop and smell the…

FullSizeRender 33IMG_0570FullSizeRender 38FullSizeRender 51FullSizeRender 36

FullSizeRender 49
Taking a photo of my Instagram husband.
FullSizeRender 54
It’s not always about us but about the other beautiful things around us.
FullSizeRender 15
LOVE the pool and view at JW Marriott South Beach

FullSizeRender 19

FullSizeRender 39
The look of…

FullSizeRender 43FullSizeRender 17

FullSizeRender 14
Thank you, SG. Over and out.

What’s the next concert to catch? Coldplay in Manila in less than two days!!!


I’m so lucky to be the first to grab ’em tickets and this concert is part of my bucket list. I can’t wait to get lost in their music on April 4 – at our homeland. For now, enjoy the rest of your week.



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