Really. How Do We Spend Our Holy Week? 

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Good morning! As I woke up extra early today, a lot of things have crossed my mind about Lent,  remembering the traditions, and seeing how different it was from today’s norm.


 Living in a modern world, with technology and the millenials, how does the new age Catholics spend their Holy Week? Do we consider ourselves (un)Holy and be quick to assume this?

Who are WE to judge people if we see them out and about? I am not the kind of woman who will show you who I am NOT made of. I’ve had my fair share of bad choices, passing through the wrong roads in life and learned the hard way, but what has kept me alive and blessed?


My faithfullnes in Him. My strength. 

 Today, you, maybe just like me, have packed for a long weekend ahead. 


 But most importantly, no matter how we spend it, let’s be with those who matter to us, let us all be more grateful, more kind, more mindful, and understanding, as we really REFLECT on our relationship with God and be thankful for our salvation and his grace.

 I am thankful for a lot of things, but the one on top of my mind is knowing that He is always with us. He blessed us with family, friends, and a roof under our heads or a place to stay as you read this sentence. We have the ability to read, or share the talents He has given to me to share.
Have a blessed Holy Week ahead and keep safe!



1 comments on “Really. How Do We Spend Our Holy Week? ”

  1. Well said Karel. You have taken a pause in your life to reflect on your relationship with God, the promise of salvation for you, and thankful for the blessings of family, friends, talents, travels, and life in general.

    An acknowledgment of your place in God’s Kingdom and an attitude of gratefulness go a long way in being happy. I pray for you and your family, and everlasting happiness.

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