BKK Fun Day 1

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Finally, since I didn’t take much videos for my blog and vlog post when we went to BKK last April 21-23, I let my husband do his editing “skillzzz” and finish our videos about our trip for the D.R.E (Ducati Riding Experience) in Thailand.

Yes, like me, he also made a YouTube account for his vlogs. Hahaha! Wait. Scroll down a bit first…

Here I am enjoying the view at Asiatique – it’s a must when you go!

We rode the boat via Chao Praya River.

AAAAAH! Any PAD THAI in Thailand is so good!

Okay. I am craving for authentic Thai food as I type this, huhu.

 ANG SARAP KUMAIN (It’s so good to eat.)

The “thai sawsawan”… It’s good everything!

Oh yes, this was just some random carinderia (side street food place) around town.

Thai milk iced tea or an ice cold beer? ANY!

  That’s my hubby. You can follow him too and subscribe!

The link is at the bottom of this post.


To like, subscribe and watch our first day in Bangkok, just click the link below! We’re done with the 2nd video too (the day I learned how to ride a sexy big bike alone!) so my husband will post that too this week. For now, here’s our first day when we ate good food, explored the city by boat, and just had a GREAT day! Enjoy!

Here’s the link of the video through my husband’s account (oh I love him so much):


Happy Wednesday, everyone!

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