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BKK Fun Day 1

Finally, since I didn’t take much videos for my blog and vlog post when we went to BKK last April 21-23, I let my husband do his editing “skillzzz” and finish our videos about our trip for the D.R.E (Ducati Riding Experience) in Thailand. Yes, like me, he also made a YouTube account for his

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Singapore Rock ‘n Roll

I surprised Sean with top tickets to watch Guns & Roses live in Singapore last February 2017 because I remember so well while having a random date over beer, he kept mentioning about the band having a concert in Singapore, and said that he was a really huge fan. I’ll have to admit. I do

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My kid’s first time to fly ABROAD! 

Welcome to my first blog post over here! I am Karel Fariñas, an ordinary 30 year old wife and a mother of two, who loves to try all things exciting and new. I am a hands on homemaker, artist and entrepreneur, but let’s not go too far yet. You’ll get to know more of me

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