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Taipei DAY 1.5!

As promised, I will try to regularly upload and share my experiences to whoever is reading this or watching my videos, so here’s the first part of my trip top Taipei last week!     Why day “1.5”? Well, technically, I arrived late at night so I basically started my whole day after I slept

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HEY!!! Like, how have you guys been??? It has been too long, I know, but I really waited for this moment to happen and today is the time I share this with you! Finally, I am uploading 2 TEASERS out of the first 5 episodes we made for my vlog for the past two months.

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My kid’s first time to fly ABROAD! 

Welcome to my first blog post over here! I am Karel Fariñas, an ordinary 30 year old wife and a mother of two, who loves to try all things exciting and new. I am a hands on homemaker, artist and entrepreneur, but let’s not go too far yet. You’ll get to know more of me

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